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by - November 08, 2019

How to Stop Procrastination | Procrastination and Anxiety- Do you know sometimes when we procrastinate it's actually Anxiety. There are million ways to find out if you are procrastinating or it's Anxiety. If it's not Anxiety still there are so many ways to deal with procrastination. In this blog post you can find out about "how to stop procrastination" ,ways to avoid procrastination and difference between Procrastination and Anxiety.

Procrastination And Anxiety

How to Stop Procrastination | Procrastination and Anxiety

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is an action to delay or postpone a task habitually or intentionally while being aware of its negative consequences. The constant practice of this action results in failure.
For Example:
Have you ever been in a situation where your classmate told you that he or she has postponed a task, you got inspired and you postponed it too. As a result, you get addicted to it and every time you get a task you want to postpone it until the last minute.

Procrastination and Anxiety

Now, Procrastinating because you are lazy enough to do a task is basically categorized as Procrastination but when some certain factors get involved with this laziness then it's not just about Procrastination.
  • Decide to postpone a meeting because you don't find yourself ready to face the others.
  • Calling off a plan multiple time because the thought of being there gives you a shiver.
These kind of decisions indicates Anxiety which force you to procrastinate. It can force you to lose opportunities towards success and growth. This is why it is always important to deal with the cause of the problem. Knowing the difference between procrastination or Anxiety helps you to find what you are dealing with.

How to Stop Procrastination? 

Make a deadline before a deadline

There is a customized golden rule made by myself to deal with procrastination and it works in any kind of circumstances. When you get a task to accomplish. Remember the deadline and make a PRE-DEADLINE for yourself before the actual deadline. For Example
Today is Friday and you are supposed to complete a task by Monday. In that case Monday is the actual deadline of your task, but as you know yourself very well, so you need to come up with a PRE-DEADLINE for yourself. Now, you can set SUNDAY MORNING AS YOUR PRE-DEADLINE, which means by Sunday morning your task should be completed, organized and all ready so you don't have to ruin your Sunday night by stressing over your task. In this way you can get rid of last minute stressful situations.

Use a TO-DO list and stick to it

Make a TO-DO list of things you are supposed to do and try to manage your time for your work by doing everything one by one.

Give 2 minutes to imperfection (avoid perfection)

The only reason we procrastinate is, perfection. Whenever you get something to do, we don't start right away because we couldn't figure out how to start and where to start. We keep thinking about it and we don't start until we actually get a point in our head about its start. This is why I am going to tell you about 2 minutes to Imperfection rule.
It's a strategy to organize your thoughts. All you have to do is, whenever you get a task to do. Give it 2 minutes and write down whatever comes in your mind related to your task. Don't get it?
Let me show you
This is a requested blog post of my blog Healing Scribles. All I was requested to write about Procrastination and Anxiety. Also the solution which I use. So what I did?
I wrote the title of my blog on Microsoft Word. Just a title and nothing else
How To Stop Procrastination | Procrastination and Anxiety
Then I roughly wrote down headings which I am going to cover when I actually write the blog, which was 
  • What is Procrastination?
  • Difference between Procrastination and Anxiety?
  • How to stop Procrastination?
  • Solutions
  • Your own Strategies

That's it. Just the day when I was supposed to publish the blog post. I wrote the explanation of all headings and now, you are reading this. This is a clear example of 2 minutes to imperfection.
It is a great way to be comfortable with the concept of your task and roughly accomplish it in your head. 

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