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by - November 15, 2019

How to Change Your Life | Power of 30 Days | Life Guide- A blog post as a life guide on how to change your life. If you ever wonder about why other get things before you do or wish to change your life by understanding the reasons behind life, then How to change your life is a life guide, which will answer all your questions.

How to change your life | life guide

How to Change Your Life | Power of 30 Days | Life Guide

How to Change Your Life?

The quality of life is to be unpredictable in all ways, which makes us wonder at so many points of our life. Generation by generation we are being told a piece of advice for a successful life just to keep us out of trouble. Sometimes things that we have been told works for us, but sometimes they didn't work at all. The truth is something that works right for our ancestors isn't supposed to work right for us too, because it's life, it's unpredictable that is its beauty. If life becomes predictable, then we will definitely lose the value of happiness, surprise and every human emotion that exist.
There comes a stage in life where we just want to pull everything together and want get done with it. If that is not us then you got someone else who needs you to pull your life together. That rush involves drama, depression, trauma, doubts, hopelessness and misery. It does come at least once in your life and it scares the hell out of you.
Timing is more miserable than life and that is the only thing we might aware of but we haven't understood it yet. For all your life, you question yourself about "why others are getting things early and you are getting things late?" But you never got a satisfactory answer, not even from yourself, not even from other.
The more blessed you are, the more you have to take responsibility of and the earlier you become blessed, the earlier you will start getting tested.
Life is equally unfair to everyone. Believe it or not, but that is the truth. The power which runs this universe is bigger than any power within the universe. No matter how much wise you are, no matter how much aware you are, there are still so many thing you cannot understood and that is absolutely okay. Life is one of unsolved mystery of the mankind. There are million of strategies to get things done and I believe if any of those strategies work for you, you need to stick to it. In fitness, in sickness, in career, in a relationship, you need an approach to understand or work things out. If you found your approach, your half work is done.

Good life never represented the concept of hurdles free life. Every worthy thing in this life comes with a price to pay. If you suppose you never had a hardship, then reconsider whatever you are doing and when you accept hardships in your life you won't be disappointed again. @healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi

Power Of 30 Days

(Strategy for a Head Start)

A strategy is the foundation of every work. It doesn’t matter what you do, but how you do it does matter. Follow this technique, it will never disappoint you.

The Days are the chunks which add up together to give us a month, a year and a century. By this sentence you can see how powerful a day is, we skip one day from a year and we cannot call it a YEAR. It means whatever you want to do in your life is actually depends on your days. Anything that makes a life, including relationships, career, health, fitness and dreams. It all starts with a day and end up with your goal.
  • Why everything has a 30 day trial?
  • Why every diet plan starts with a 30 day challenge?
  • Why every tool or app or service we see in advertisements offer a 30 day trial?

Because when we start adding days from the counting of 1, we end up at 30 to make it a month. You need straight 30 days to make a new habit, You need 30 days to make a new addiction, you need 30 days to leave a habit and you need 30 days just to start a new life.

I believe in the power of zero. You keep adding 10 in it one day, it will become 100. You keep adding 100 in it one day it will become 1000. If this isn’t Amazing to you then I don’t know what else can be.
When Netflix casually offers you a 30 day trial. They know you will end up paying for an account because in less than 15 days, you will be addicted to their service. Same goes for every tool, services or problem we deal with, this is the reason behind the success of literally everything we come across.
If you are scared to do something or you aren't sure about it, give it 30 days, by the end of 30 days you will get either an output or a lesson and its worth than lying around venting about things not working out.

Remember, every great thing that comes in your life, needs a start to get you near your goal.

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