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by - October 01, 2019

How to Stop Overthinking | Therapy for Overthinking- Are you overthinking everything? Do you find yourself overthinking before you even experience anything disturbing? Then how to stop overthinking is a must read blog for you. Sometimes overthinking throw you in a situation which might never happen, but just because of your overthinking you experience the problems that aren't even for you. How to stop overthinking will give you a therapy for overthinking through which can control your overthinking habit.

How to Stop Overthinking | Therapy for Overthinking

How to Stop Overthinking | Therapy for Overthinking

Overthinking is simply a state of mind where a person starts to think too much about everything they are dealing with in their daily routine. Every person in this world has a voice in their head which they follow when it comes to self conversations. A study finds out that people who talk to themselves are intelligent as they use self talk to clear out their thoughts and to take a good decision. People who like to have self conversations are generally good in arguments as they have a good practice in self conversations. Now, what happens when a person overthink?
There are 6 basic human emotions including happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear and surprise. These are the 6 emotions which a person experience in a day when their mood change. Whenever a person's mood changes the voice in their head response changes too. In simple words when you are feeling sad, the voice in your head is sad too. When you are feeling vulnerable, the voice in your head is vulnerable too.

For example: 
Suppose you are attending a family event after a long time and you are nervous about the fact that your looks are changed as compared to the last time your family have seen you. Now you are wondering if people actually found you different by looks as compared to before or not ? So the question is how would everyone sees you? But the voice in your head has all the history and it is nervous too. It will probably come as "what if your aunt who questions about every little detail is going to be there?" One question led to another and now you are preparing yourself for the questions that doesn't even exist. This is what we call overthinking.  

When a person keeps having this kind of self conversations where they bitch about themselves and wonder about unrealistic facts, then soon they will fall into negative thinking rapidly. Thinking negatively about yourself and life problems is a step toward overthinking anxiety. 

Overthinking Anxiety 

Over-thinkers are always in a war with themselves in which the voice of their head throwing doubts on themselves wins at the end of the conversation. Overthinking and negative thinking will lead you towards anxiety as you are always trying to prepare yourself for fights, problems and arguments that doesn't even exist. As a result, you will become anxious and end up feeling exhausted.
If you are dealing with a situation exactly like this then let me tell you, it's not a big problem to deal with but it can be a big problem if you neglect it. There is a simple practice through which you can avoid overthinking and you can motivate yourself too.

Therapy for Overthinking

It doesn't matter how your mood is, but how you deal with yourself is all that matters. When you don't accept yourself, when you don't like your features it doesn't matter how you defend yourself in front of others because at the end of the day you are going to live with yourself first. This is why you should know how to love yourself?
The minute you find yourself overthinking I want you to confront the voice in your head with this line.
"What if this work out?"
The voice in your head:
Last time you submitted a report after the deadline and they gave you a warning. This time they will definitely fire you.

Well, let's do this one perfectly. Late, but great. We don't know what will happen for sure.
The voice in your head:
Your aunt will definitely ask about your marks and you failed by the way

What If she is unaware of the whole matter?  Do you want me to skip an event just because of my aunt? Give me a valid reason.

The voice in your head:
What are you, stupid? Her son is in your school.
Okay, that is a good point. We will avoid her in the event. Well, this is just a consequence of failing a subject. The next time we have to work hard.
The voice in your head:
They will call you fat for sure.

What If they won't?
What If they find me cute?
and some people actually like what I am. 

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