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by - October 01, 2019

How to cope with Anxiety | Work Anxiety | Social Anxiety – Feeling anxious before every big day coming?  You might want to match your feelings with the symptoms of anxiety. If this is anxiety find out which type of anxiety it is and what to do in order to get rid of anxiety. Social anxiety and work anxiety is getting common in these days. How to cope with anxiety is a blog post about social anxiety and work anxiety along with natural remedies for anxiety.

How to cope with Anxiety | Work Anxiety | Social Anxiety

How to cope with Anxiety | Work Anxiety | Social Anxiety

Symptoms of Anxiety

Do you recognize in a situation where you find your heartbeat getting faster and your palm getting sweaty because you are confronted with overwhelming task or an event? The moment you have this feeling all you want to run away and get out of that situation. That's Anxiety.
Anxiety is a human body's natural response to stress. There are some common situations where people generally deals with anxiety. 
For Example:
  • First week at work
  • First meetup
  • In presentations
  • At events

 Types of Anxiety

There are many types of Anxiety but work anxiety and social anxiety are the types of anxiety which are getting common day by day. As a result, people are accepting it as a part of their life which is alarming.

Work Anxiety 

Some people experience workplace anxiety at the start of a new job when it's hard to fit in and the competition by making a good place in office is high. In this situation some people find themselves anxious all the time. Every morning when they open their eyes and head towards the office, they experience anxiety.

There is another kind of people who experience anxiety in the workplace, even they aren't new at work. It can be because of work place politics, pressure of work, bad environment, bullies and conflicts with higher authorities. These problems can be a cause of anxiety.

Social Anxiety 

Social anxiety is a fear of being surrounded by a number of people. For example:

  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of eating in front of others
  • Fear of negatively judged
  • Fear of evaluated by others
  • Feeling insecure
  • Feeling uncomfortable while making calls
  • Fear of being watched and observed

How to cope with Anxiety?

In general, whenever you feel a little anxious and feel your heartbeat getting faster with your palm getting sweaty. That's when you should try the process of grounding. This is the natural remedy to cope with anxiety by using all of your senses one by one to normalize your heart beat and divert your thoughts from one thing to another. I recommended this technique to most of my friends who were dealing with anxiety and they have seen good results.

Process of Grounding 

A natural remedy to cope with anxiety by using the basic senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch to normalize your heart beat and divert your thoughts from one thing to another. I need you to do this when you feel like losing control over your surroundings or whenever you experience an anxiety attack. I want you to take a moment and look around.
Follow these steps 
  • Find five things that you can see and count them
  • Four things that you can touch
  • Three things that you can hear
  • Two things that you can smell
  • And one thing that you can taste

These 5 steps are enough to clear your head and get you back in the game.

Natural Remedy for Social Anxiety

I believe social anxiety can be dealt with some natural remedies. It will require some practice before you get rid of it. First know what triggers your anxiety. If you find it hard to be the center of attention or dine in with a group of people, then here are the things you should try.
Try a 15 days plan to get rid of anxiety and with every day I want you to be better.

15 Days to get rid of anxiety

You are afraid to be with strangers. Let's start with the people you trust. From day 1 go out with your family, friends or anyone you are comfortable with. With the passage of each day I want you to add one more people in your Meetups or gatherings.

  • Go for a walk with someone
  • Casually go for shopping in malls
  • Day by day you keep exploring 
For Example:
10 things you are supposed to do in 15 days plan in order to get rid of social anxiety.

Social Anxiety checklist

  • Pick the person who you are comfortable with to go out in a quiet place to have breakfast or brunch.
  • If you have guests over for lunch or dinner. Eat with them.
  • Try to know your neighbors.
  • If you do exercise at home because you try to avoid interactions with others, then I guest you to join gym for a while. You can start going to a gym at less busy hours when there are few people around then with the passage of time you can go to gym at busy hours too.
  • Meeting neighbors and exploring your surroundings helps you find new friends while stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • When you made some friends then plan to explore the city with them.
  • At first visit shopping malls on less busy hours as a starter, then after some time you can go on weekends too.
  • Go for grocery shopping with your family as It is a great place to deal with anxiety.
  • Go for a movie, seminar or concert.

These are the 10 things you are supposed to do in the 15 days plan to get rid of social anxiety. You can use the check list to analyze your performance by putting a tick on the things you are done with. You can save the checklist and use it as a 15 days challenge. You can also encourage others to join you too. Social anxiety is common anxiety that most of the people deals with. Embrace what you been through and let’s deal with it because we are all in this together.
The great thing about this plan is that you can set it according to yourself. Nobody is selecting a routine for you. You can do 1 of these 10 things daily for 15 days to see good results.
 The benefit of this 15 days plan to get rid of social anxiety is to begin with a person you are comfortable with and end up with a bunch of new experiences, knowledge, hobbies and a new lifestyle.
If you find the checklist useful recommend it to others too. Sharing good things that can help a person actually make the world better place.
“To be BETTER you have to be BETTER"

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