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by - October 04, 2019

How to be more Confident | Self Worth |Self Motivation - Do you know a person who you look at and wonder how they got this confidence? Or you want to know the secret behind their confidence and self worth. Then how to be more confident is a blog post where you can find 10 tips to boost your confidence along with the importance of self worth.

How to be more Confident | Self Worth

How to be more Confident | Self Worth

We all had moments where we looked at a person and wondered if we can get the grace in their eyes and confidence through which they steal every event they comes in. Most of the times we even tried to be like them but failed. The reason behind our failure is that we never cracked the code of their confidence. We are clueless when it comes to what it takes to be confident. Always wanted to go on a stage, look the audience and talk like a show stealer but oh we were just dreaming. Let's forget dreaming and talk reality you aren't supposed to sit back just because dreaming is easy and reality is hard. When you try reality it disappoints you a little bit or it will break your heart, but after that it will start to get better and better.
Confidence comes when you know who you are and you aren't ashamed of yourself. It comes when you know your roots and you accept every bit of your reality along with the past. Altogether we call it Self Worth. The minute you realize this one thing and get to know your self worth, then you will have nothing to hide or nothing to ashamed of, just things you can be proud of, even of your scars.

Self Worth

Self worth is another word for Self Esteem. Self worth or Self Esteem is a one person's confidence in their mental or physical abilities to do anything in the world. In simple words how you see yourself from your eyes, is your self worth or Self Esteem. The lower you consider yourself, the lower your self-esteem gets. When you consider yourself inferior it doesn't matter how good show you put on for everyone you meet. You cannot have the confidence you are looking for until you actually believe in yourself.

From skin complexion to physique, from physique to your mental capabilities and from mental capabilities to your mentality, every single thing counts when it comes to you believing in yourself.

Importance of Self worth to improve your confidence

Self Worth is the foundation of confidence. If you don't have a foundation how you can be confident? Right Self-esteem is the reason behind every successful person in this world. When the whole world goes against them, they keep doing what they want to do because they know their self worth and they know what they can do.
You cannot even sell a product if you don’t believe in it. Same goes when it comes to self worth. You cannot convince someone else about your greatness until you believe in it in the first place.
In self worth there is no space for excuses, complaints and why I am this way? You born this way, with that skin color and with that physique. Your flaws are the your uniqueness. This is the law of nature when you get a thing less as compared to others, then definitely you have something more which others don't have. Sooner or later you have to believe in your self worth because at the end of the day you are going to live with yourself. I just don't want you to be late.
#8rule of happiness
Fall in love with your own flaws. There aren't here to make you feel less. They are here to make you different so you won't fall in the category of "SAME"@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi

10 Tips to be more Confident:

1) Find your limits and cross them

The secret to be better is to compete with yourself and win every time to set new limits. Your limits should be flexible. Make a record for yourself, then defeat yourself all over again in an endless loop. A human holds the power to drag a dumper if and only if they believe that they can do it. Confidence comes when you believe you can stand up in front of 50 people and talk on any topic without hesitation, but 50 is your limit then there comes a time when you realize that you are able to talk in front of 100 people but you never done that before and 50 was your limit. There comes two kind of people first, who decide not to go for talking in front of 100 people because they know 50 is their limit and second, who challenge their limit and go for talking in front of 100 people to set a new limit for themselves. With every win and every new limit their confidence level increases.

2) Self Conversation

The documentary The Human Brain claims we say between 300 to 1,000 words to ourselves per minute. It means whatever we say to ourselves matter the most. Self conversation is like a pep talk with yourself. If you talk to others would you say something bad to them right on their face? Would you say bad things to them? Would you make them feel less? No?

Well, then why would to say bad things about yourself to yourself? Isn’t it the bad thing to do? What you say to yourself during self conversation has an impact on your personality, If you encourage yourself, you will be motivated and if you bitch about yourself or compare yourself with others you cannot be happy that is for sure.

3) Set life goals because they give you purpose and a direction.

Your achievements related to your life goals give you confidence and satisfaction. When you know what you want in your life and where you are going you can easily answer any question that others ask you. People tend to believe things more quickly when they know about your success or passion. When you aren’t clear about your motives you will have nothing to talk about because everything we do or say it already connected to what we want. Goal setting give you confidence.

4)Overcome your fears

Every human is scared of something, this is what makes us human. Your fears give you closure and the worst thing is we had no idea about it. Some of us are scared of height, some of us are scared of paragliding, sky diving, swimming and flying. The day you overcome one of fear you will realize it opens a door of knowledge and happiness to you. When fears are your goals too. I believe our fears are here to some reasons, there are here to teach us something when we overcome them. There is a woman, Michelle Poler who overcome her 100 fears as a challenge and she came to TED talk to talk about how she feels. I am pinning two of my favorite videos for you to watch as a motivation.

5) Seek good vibes.

Vibes are the gut feeling that you feel when you meet someone. Good people have good vibes. When a person is good by heart and by deeds they will definitely give your good vibes. Most importantly these are partial people. If you know a good person like this don’t let them go. When you will seek good you will witness good things happening, which will encourage you to do good things to others and definitely good things will happen to you.

6) Groom yourself.

Grooming include your hygiene, your basic manners and the way you present yourself. When you will look good, you will feel good and when you will feel good, you will make others to feel good. Always eager to learn new tips and tricks about grooming.

7) Think positively.

If you want good things to happen in the world, then be good by yourself. Positivity comes when you believe in it, when you starting thinking with hope and passion.
You start making yourself better and better and you will see people from all over the sides will start coming you because positivity is not just a feeling it's a vibe which spreads like a scent. Try that @healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi

8) Learning helps you grow

Learning is the foundation of success. There is no limit when it comes to learning. You can never say you have learned enough and now you are done with it. Learning is not about getting degrees, one after another it is vast. Getting a knowledge of one new thing is a learning it can be about manners, cultures, news, history, vocabulary, awareness or even hacks. It can be anything of your interests. It will open the door of new opportunities to you. 

9) Know your beliefs and stick to them.

Your beliefs are something you invested your time in. Make sure you have beliefs because you know about them and when you get a belief or make principles stick to it. Be sure about what you believe in and why you believe in because that’s make you what you are. Never let anyone take your voice down because you believe in different things. Difference make us different from others and it is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to you.
#10 rule of happiness  Grab your beliefs tightly and do not let them keep your voice down just because you believe in different things. Always Remember being different bring difference in this world. Don't be ashamed of it @healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi

10) Remember there is always a solution for everything

If to you there is no way to be on moon it doesn’t mean nobody gets there. Limitation is something you made by yourself otherwise it’s a big world with full of possibilities and miracles. Same goes for every problem you face. There is always a solution to every problem. There has to be a way and yes, there is a way always. Be brave to face your problem and strong enough to deal with it. You lose your confidence, when you lose hope and the minute you lose hope you consider every problem bigger than you even it’s tiny.

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