What to do when you feel lonely | Tips- Healing Scribles

by - September 18, 2019

What to do when you feel lonely | Tips- Do you ever have those moments where you find yourself lonely? When you came home from the office and the next thought you had was being alone sucks then tips in What to do when you feel lonely might work as a remedy for you.

What to do when you feel lonely

What to do when you feel lonely | Tips

 We are living in a world where people are jumping from one relationship to another real quick because they find it easy as compared to being alone. Even if they know the person they are dating is not the one they deserve but still they want to keep the good one until they get the one they deserve. As a result, people are suffering on daily basis. People are getting exhausted and hopeless as they are hiding feelings because whenever they feel vulnerable they have got no one to speak their heart out. In the eyes of world they got a person right beside them as their partner and in reality they are lonely as hell. If you are going through this you really need to do what I am about to tell you. It’s not that hard.

  • Know that a person you actually deserve is out there

If everyone around you just got their love, it doesn’t mean you need to hurry up and grab the least you can get just to join the category of “Taken". There is a perfectly fine person out there who can actually make you happy. A person you don’t have to pretend in front of, A person who knows the real you, A person who never think of you as stupid yes that is going to be your person. 
It’s not compulsory for you to be alone until you find your person but it is compulsory for you not to choose the less for yourself.

  •       Communicate with your future (solution)

    There is always a time of the day when you feel exhausted, tired, lonely and you wish if you can talk to the one who would come in your life just to stay forever. The thought of not having him/her made you feel miserable then this is what you need to do in that moment:
     Write for your future husband/wife:

      Whenever you have a bad day or you are dealing with something really personal. I recommend you to write about it. Talk to the person, the unknown. Write for them like they are sitting right in front of you, holding your hand, asking you what happened and you tell them everything that happened. In these days as smartphones became an important part of our life. By default there is a notebook or sticky note in every smartphone. You can use sticky notes as an password/fingerprint protected Electronic dairy. Write your letter, save it and keep it private. Trust me you will feel a lot better.

    Give one of your note to them on their every birthday:

     When you find your person and things reached to the point where you can trust them. Share your each note with them on their birthday. This will bring satisfaction, peace and stability in your life as they get to know about your struggles. This is also a sign of intimacy and affection.

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