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by - September 18, 2019

What If | Poem- A poem is often capable to express feelings which we generally find hard to express. What If is a poem which you will find relatable as it is the raw form of a conversation we generally have with ourselves, a conversation full of doubts and fears.

What If | Poem

What If | Poem

What If is a poem which I wrote two years ago (2017). This is a poem full of doubts which we all usually have in our mind. I never thought I would post this poem on my blog, but here we are. I dedicate this poem to anyone who wonder about these questions and I dedicate it to my Old self.

What If all the things we felt were a lie?
What If all the dreams we saw were a lie too?
What If the courage we had was temporary?
What If the people who are close to us, ditch us?
What If the things we dealt with made us hollow?
What If we aren't what you look like?
What If everyone we have is about to leave?
What if we saw bad things coming, but we trusted the reality?
What If we aren't the procrastinator, but in reality we were afraid?
What If we aren't the strongest, but the one who can pretend well
What If despite all the fact and fears we give it a try?
And what If with our broken self we find peace and Win

@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi

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