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by - September 18, 2019

10 Time Management Tips | Self Motivation- Rushing hours, meeting deadlines and a lot of pressure on your head. Sounds like you? Then these 10 time management tips are here for you as a solution. Choose to give it a try. Time management is an art and these 10 time management tips are the key to unlock the door of easiness through effort and self motivation.

10 Time Management Tips

10 Time Management Tips

We get 24 hours in a day, but we don’t know how to use our time wisely. We choose to worry Instead of completing our tasks in one sitting. Most of the people choose to take breaks during their work, but taking breaks over and over again brings inconsistency which ends up you being exhausted with a bundle of incomplete tasks at the end of the day.
Sometimes we are already familiar with what should be done in order to fix things, but we don’t know the pattern. Let me tell you the easiest and best possible 10 tips through which you can increase your productivity and get a quality time for yourself too. These the daily time management tips at work.

1) Always reserve 12 hours of the day for your work

You get 24 hours a day. Instead of spreading your task for the whole day keep 12 hours for your assignments, tasks, presentations and anything which is relevant. Just put that in to the category of 12 working hours and keep this in your mind that you don’t have 24 hours a day. Consider it 12 from now on.

2) Turn off your notifications while you are working

While you decided to finish your work in 12 hours make sure you turn off your mobile notifications until you are working.
It works as a distraction and distraction minimize productivity. The good side of this tip is when you will turn the notifications on and a bunch of notifications start showing up with a cute beep. It will make you feel so good and you can totally check every notification without having a work pressure on your mind. Totally worth it.

3) In order to get 12 hours for yourself utilize your 12 working hours wisely

This plan will only work if you stick to the concept of utilizing 12 hours a day. This is something I keep doing since I was a teenager because I am kind of a person who cannot have fun until I am sure I finished every task I needed to complete.

4)  Make a To-Do list on your mobile before sleeping 

Before bedtime while you are about to turn off your wifi make a to-do list in your mobile. It is a great way to prepare yourself for the next day. Write every task that you can remember.

5) Do one thing at a time

Multitasking is great when you are doing something casually. When you are trying to complete an important task in a less amount of time then concentration is all you needed at that time. Try to perform one task at a time with full concentration.

6) Discipline is the key of time management skills

Being Organized makes you see things clearly. This is the tip you can fit in anything because it holds the power. Imagine an unorganized desk with a lot of files and mess that you created. The desk itself will gives you anxiety at first sight then how you will get things done in a short span of time. You don’t need to be extra self sophisticated just a little bit of organizing will do that thing. At least you should know where you keep your stuff when you need them in a second.

7)  If you forget little details easily then schedule reminders

Schedule reminders for your important meetings or commitments. It will help you while you are working on your tasks and you need to be somewhere else after some time.

8) Give priority to your tasks and complete the most important task first

When you make a to-do list make it according to the task priorities. For example:If you are suppose to perform three tasksAn important document to proofread (which isn’t related to the presentation)A presentation to make (which is the first thing you are supposed to deliver in the morning)A report to analyze before presentation.Write the most important task on the number one position which is analyzing the report in this example then write the less important ones afterwards.
  •  Analyzing the report
  •  Make the presentation
  • Proofread the document

9) As Proofreading is the key of a good document, Rechecking is the key of task completion

After the completion of your tasks. Open your to-do list and make sure you completed every task that you are supposed to complete by now.

10) Know how to turn your work into perfection in less time.

If you are the person who spends too much time thinking about from which point you should start the task and you finds it hard to organize your thoughts related to the work you are about to perform then this tips is for you.
If you are about to perform a task first of all divide it into chunks. Make a rough sketch of what you are supposed to do in 10 bullets and then elaborate all bullets. This is also a good way to see if what you are doing makes a sense or not. A task can be literally anything. It can be an architecture, an Application, a document, a big report, a painting, a novel, weekly excel sheets and anything that you do.
A strategy is the foundation of every work. It doesn’t matter what you do but how you do it does matter. Follow this technique it will never disappoint you.

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