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by - September 24, 2019

Goal Setting | SMART Goals- If you have a goal and you are looking for motivation and guidance related to Goal setting and smart goals, then this blog include the answer of regarding questions which is why most people fail to achieve their goals? How to set achieve able goals? What are smart goals? Smart goals examples and goal setting guideline. A goal can be anything but it can be nil if you don't even try to achieve it.

goal setting | smart goals

Goal Setting | SMART Goals

Every human in this world has some dreams and they want their dreams to come true. To fulfill those dreams they set goals, but everyone got dreams why just a few people have witnessed their dreams becoming a reality? Why not everyone. It's because they acted wisely. They adopted the great concept of SMART goals. Goals are the reason behind our hard work and all the struggles we do in our life. A goal can be anything either you want to look a specific way or you want to start a business, you set a goal for it which usually everyone in this world does. Everyone set goals, but not every individual can accomplish them. Do you know why? Let’s talk about it.

Why most people fail to achieve their goals?

Most people fail because they focus on the bigger picture. More or less people believe that knowing what their dream is enough to actually make it a reality. They focus on "WHAT" they want to achieve and neglect the part "HOW". When they get to know their dream people start running after it by trying multiple things to make it work but they lack strategy, a plan, a satisfaction and faith. As a consequence, after some time they feel exhausted and tired so they give up. Let’s take an example of one of the google most searched phrase how to lose weight? This is a personal goal if someone is searching it, obviously they set it as a goal for themselves, but do you think everyone who googled it has achieved their goal?
Well the answer is no because most of them searched it, tried a routine but only some people got to see the result.


 It wasn’t the matter of how it was the matter of how much weight they wanted to lose? If a person want to lose 15 kg weight. Do you think they can achieve the goal with 7 days plan? Because this is a long term goal which a person blindly want to accomplish in a blink of an eye.
This is the reason I don’t believe in long term goals because they keep you focused on the big picture and you don’t get satisfaction until your achieve your goal which is an impossible thing as success isn’t an overnight solution. It takes a lot of patience and right amount of work. 

When you set long term goals without a strategy, you end up being exhausted and tired. Somehow you lose motivation.
A strategy is the foundation of every work. It doesn’t matter what you do, but how you do it does matter. Follow this technique, it will never disappoint you.

How to set achievable goals? 

Your goals should be exciting for you. Something you can see progress of and the progress itself motivates you to continue moving forward. When you aim for millions, start with the goal of thousands. Don't focus on the big picture. Always break the concept into chunks and chunks into bits. This is the process of success. 
I believe in the power of zero. You keep adding 10 in it one day, it will become 100. You keep adding 100 in it one day it will become 1000. If this isn’t Amazing to you then I don’t know what else can be.
Don’t believe me? Try this strategy for 10 days and you will see its power.
Whenever you do, whatever you do, just do it wisely.  It’s never too late for anything.

Short Term Goals 

Short term goals are easy to work on if you are desperate to see results and need motivation along with it. The minimum time period for a short term goal can be 10 days or maximum can be 30 days. Give your goal 10 days and start working on it for 10 days without excuses and without being inconsistent because you are about to see results and it’s worth it. 


Smart goals are supposed to be

S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Attainable
R: Realistic
T: Time based

Concept of smart goals is a criteria for you to check your progress. It will help you to keep moving forward.

Goal Setting

1) Know what you want

Identify your life goals and pick the one you want to work on for the first time. 

2) Think about time and resources realistically 

Think about what kind of the goal it is either you have time or required money to invest in it. If you don’t have any of that think about what you need to do in order to get the required resources. For example, if your goal of the year is to start a clothing line 

What kind of resource you are supposed to have to start a clothing line ?

You will need an investor , designer, an outlet, staff, machinery and marketing trends research. Sounds like easy? No it’s not.

3) Estimate how long it will take to achieve your goal realistically 

Any start up requires 6 month to 1 year of research before you decide to jump in it. So if we calculate the estimated time to achieve the goal of opening a clothing line it will include:
  • Research: 6 months to one year research, references and sponsors.
  • Investment: Any start up requires you to have money more than you need to keep everything balance.
  • Outlet: An outlet for your visitors.
  • Staff: Hiring staff is a big responsibility as you are supposed to pay regardless of your financial ups and downs.
  • Now these are your resources which requires you to put effort and time along with it.
4) Break your goal into sub goals

Let’s break down your goal into sub goals.
  1. Research of 6 month to 1 year
  2. Find the related people as references and find sponsors through them
  3. Find an investor or save money to invest by yourself.
  4. Find and rent an outlet at cheaper rate
  5. Recruit required staff And buy machinery
  6. Get the first batch of your stock ready
  7. When you are all set then promote your brand before you drop the first batch on the outlet

Now in order to achieve your goal these are the 7 sub goals you are supposed to achieve one by one. Every goal accomplishment will bring satisfaction and you can easily track your progress.

5) Get the work done

Nothing in this world is too expensive to get. A strategy is something that can turn the table around.

Smart Goals Example

There is nothing that I wrote in my blog and I never tried it by myself. When I was a student I was doing a degree in software engineering but I always wanted to invest in a Startup because I always had strategies in my mind I want to see results of my strategies so basically I am kind of a person who think through things before they take any step but it sounds like a risk to others. when I graduated I got a contract job right away. During that time period I got an offer of investing into a startup on a 50% partnership and I took the offer. I was supposed to give them money in installments but life took a bad turn when I lost the job before the expected time. There was 2 installments left and I had a commitment to invest as a 50% partner. I panicked a little bit but I really wanted this to work. I made a hard decision and took an irrelevant job regardless of my field to pay the remaining installments. So yeah if I made it work you can do that too.

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