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by - September 24, 2019

Motivational Quotes | Love Quotes | Quotes- Quotes that will make you think twice before you give up. A list of quotes through which you can pick your next Instagram or Facebook caption. This list of quotes include love quotes and motivational quotes by Healing Scribles.

Motivational quotes | Love Quotes |Quotes

Motivational Quotes | Love Quotes | Quotes

Quote #1
Good thing always comes with a price don't think of it as a curse. This is what it takes to have things that others don't have.

Quote #2
You never heals when they want you to heal. You will heal when you choose it as a choice not as an option. It will happen when you are done with being broken, chasing people or living in a memory. You cannot walk on two paths at a time. You can't just start walking on a path and think about the other path all the time.

Quote #3
In a days full of trends we all have those moments where we start doubting our timings like why enough things aren't happening in our life? Why we aren't getting enough happiness? In those moment of doubts we fall for these trends not because we want it just because we are scared to left behind so we try to catch up trends that can be the worst or best thing you can ever done to yourself. When this whole breeze of trends pass out then you will realize you have made your life miserable but there is no going back then you would decide to change future because you no longer want that impact in your life but REMEMBER desicion you make has a cost and it will always leave a mark on your soul. This is what it takes to " CATCH UP "

Quote #4
Life is equally unfair to each person but the irony is we can't see it

Quote #5
It's never too late and it never will be that's a lie.The minute you realize it that's when your timing starts but opportunities have their timing too it doesn't mean that you are supposed to hurry things just means you aren't supposed to suppress your feelings. You want to ask them out? THEY CAN BE THE BEST THING EVER FOR YOU. You want to get the job? YOU CAN BE SELECTED.You felt guilty for the wrong you have done. APPOLGY CAN BE ACCEPTED. What the worst thing that can happen? Whatever worst thing comes in your mind I assure you that cannot be worst then REGRET. You won't be able bare it when a year from now all you can thing about is "I wish I would had tried once" and this will kill you Mark my words.

Quote #6
Setbacks are needed for a stronger comeback

Quote #7

To the person who has someone with a perfect life in their surrounding

"It's a fuckin LIE with the SUGAR COATING all over it and why would you give your attention to a person who doesn't have guts to be real?"

 Quote #8
From the gestures that took your breath away, To the gestures that made your heart sunk
From the eyes that always hold a invisible message for you, To the eyes that barely recognize you
From the category of best friends, To the category of friends
From being a questioner. To being a defendant
Yeah We all lost something that caused us indescribable hurt but at the same time that pain molded us into the warrior that gives us our own identity. This Pain is not only a mugger that just mugged you right in the middle of road It also showed you "The next time if you won't fight someone can take the your everything right infront of your eyes BECAUSE IT'S THE DAMN ROAD you gotta learn how to be safe"

Quote #9
No one in this entire world can take you down
"you give them the right"

Quote #10
You need to hear this we are living a thing that we call LIFE and life is equally unfair to each and everyone either we see it or not. The only way through which we get manipulated is how the person deals with it and what they shows on the display. The person that got WHAT YOU WANT doesn't represent WHAT YOU HAVE. People are suffering emotionally, economically, medically and socially. They all got few good things going on in their life This is how world works So there is no point to be jealous of anyone People are dealing with so much lately They are just good at throwing a good display which is a victory not a weakness This is why you should be kind.

Quote #11
Stop holding on to people just because you think it will be hard to stay alone. Let me tell you first and last time and you might find this hard to understand but staying alone is not as bad as "being unwanted for someone" because you are precious stop acting like you aren't 

Quote #12
Before you get involve into anything serious either it's a relationship or a career decision. Imagine the impact of your decision on your life.
Do you see a future with it? Is it worth your effort? We don't know what tomorrow will be like so always choose things that will help you move forward. And why you need to do that? Well it would be nice not to fall down once 

Quote #13
It's not the matter of time, it's the matter of intensions. Intensions get better with realizations of love exist. It can change your intentions for a soul.
That's why love is way more than just being liked by someone and that is why it can bring you out of any wrong track. It is the strength that you just get when it is authentic.
Let me tell you this
It can take over your one year effort with a person in a blink of an eye BECAUSE IT'S THE MATTER OF HEARTS.

Quote #14

What is the worst thing that can happen if once in your life you choose to stop running, stay and speak up about how you feel about certain things.
Let the worst happen even if there is a slight possibility that it can bring you "peace"

Quote #15
If something feels right and you want to do it, then it's worth taking a risk because rejection breaks your heart one time, but Regret will break it down into million little pieces over and over again for the rest of your life. Choice is yours.

Quote #16
Your worst day is a step toward your good days. You are not that far. Don't you dare to give up.

Quote #17
 Do you know when your are going through heartbreak you get numerous energy through which you can fix anything you want, it's a fact. The more broken you are the more energy you get. THAT'S when your gym plans start working, that’s when you can start over and that’s when you can fix your life. Do you know why? Because at that time you have nothing that can distract you from you motive. You are like the brand new empty glass that you can fill up with anything or you can just let dust to make you ordinary.

Quote #18
Instead of suppressing your anger, you should focus on "how to deal with it's cause" So you can save some time for your happiness. 

Quote #19
Forgive them not because they deserve it forgive them so you can have peace and move on

Quote #20
When things stop making sense and you cannot see a way out the situation that is exactly when you should push harder in order to move forward because things are about to get back in their place
Don't believe me? Recall the cross word puzzle game. At the start all you got are alphabets and nothing make sense, but when you gather up all your courage and take bit by bit to make a word and with every word you find it starts becoming easier.
Same goes for life. It scares you a little bit at first sight, but the same view got solutions in it.

Quote #21
You cannot expect an apology from a person that betrayed a loving person like you they actually betrayed themselves by letting you go, they haven't choose good for themselves How could you expect them to do good with you?

 Quote #22
There was a time when pain was unbearable, life was falling apart and you pulled yourself together ALONE nobody knows that nobody will know that ever but you SURVIVED and trust me you will survive whatever the hell is happening right now just have a little Faith.

Quote #23
The feeling of heart break when your heart ache to the point where whole world stop moving. The only thing you feel is that someone just grabbed your heart in their fist and suppressed it badly. That feeling of Helplessness
And that pain Do you know how much power it holds? It holds the hidden incredible strength within that pain. Pain that can change you into ANYTHING YOU WANT. It can turn your entire world into upside down but it can also take you places where you are supposed to be. It can ruin you if you don't know it's worth. If you are dealing with it TRUST ME it's because you need to start over. You have given a new life and beginnings are never easy.

Quote #24
It won't kill you if you decide to deal with it now

Quote #25
Perspectives are important "how you are seeing the situation" is actually "how you are going to deal with it" Your perceptive is a thin line between "positivity" and "negativity" and that thin line works as a bridge on which you are standing and when you come across a situation "YOU" get to choose on which side of the bridge you want to jump to label your situation as positive or negative that's how you make it worse or better It will be your decision. But do you know what makes your perspective? Your LIFE GOALS
They keep you motivated no matter how bad the situation is you will always come up with a reason to jump on the positive side of the bridge you won't label it as negative because you know that path will never leads you toward your desirable destination 

Quote #26

The person who feels like home

Would never point out your belongings in a way that makes you feel less of you Relationships are here to make you grow into a better person if it's taking your happiness in the name of love then that home isn't for you because home gives you utter comfort. when you find the right person

Damn the glow on your face
The peace in your heart
The satisfaction of love

Would let you turn your odds into even....

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