What to do on Weekend? | 5 Weekend Tips- Healing Scribles

by - August 23, 2019

What to do on Weekend? | 5 Weekend Tips- What to do on weekends to prepare yourself for the next week? Are you one of the people who complains that their weekend ended in the blink of an eye and they still have unfinished businesses of the weekend. The queue of never ending weekend problems has an answer. These 5 weekend tips are here to give you ideas about what to do on weekends.

What to do on Weekend?

What to do on Weekend? | 5 Weekend Tips

1) Take a bubble bath

Bubble bath or taking a long shower in peace is great for your mental and physical health as it is beneficial to soothe muscle tension. Why you should take bubble bath on weekend?  Because at least on weekends you aren't in hurry. You can take time to relax yourself and you will feel well about it.

2) Self Care

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Observe what is different in you this week as compared to the last week. If you find something unusual then find a remedy for it and use it for the whole week to see result. It will require less than five minutes, but it will worth it.

3) Watch a Movie/ Read a book

If you like reading, pick an interesting book for your weekend as reading increase creativity and imagination. It is also reduce stress level.
If you don't like reading you can watch a movie or a TV show every weekend.
How to pick a movie ?
It's easy. Pick any app from INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or TWITTER which you use the most. Make your feeds Useful and interesting so you can get any new update about your interest in the blink of an eye.Netflix and chill with snacks is another level of fun. Try that now.

3) Must go out after every 2 weeks

Take a short trip, go for a long drive or go for a lunch. If you are a working person and you don't get time easily then it is good for you to go out after every 2 weeks. It isn't the waste of money. It is good for your mental and physical health. Going out and exploring new places actually teach you so many things. If you are little short on cash then save every day for your weekend plan.

4) Keep a check on your close friends 

On your last working day of the week text your close friends to see if they are doing okay or they need help with something. This is the act of kindness and if you are thinking who will do this for you? Then let me tell you someone has to start this. The one thing I can assure you is this is the way of getting people in your life, at least this won't result in losing people.

5) Pick 3 hours to do your important work

If you were thinking no I never get time for these things because I always have to bring work home, then you need to reserve 3 hours from your weekend for your work. It's all about time management and trust me once you get to know how to do things on time you won't be disappointed.

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