2 Golden Money Saving Tips- Healing Scribles

by - August 19, 2019

2 Golden Money Saving Tips- If you are the person who always plan to save money to purchase something they have eyes on but it never worked as by the end of month somehow you have spent all of your money. Here I have 2 golden money saving tips for you through which you can save money.

2 Money Saving Tips

2 Golden Money Saving Tips

It doesn't matter if you are getting a pocket money or salary because somehow you have an amount to utilize for your whole month. The habit of money saving actually brings discipline and confidence in your life because if you have your savings then you won't wait for the start of next month. 

1) The Secret Third Pocket 

wallet with a key on it

I am a very social person with a huge family and alot of friends, which puts me in a difficult position when I was a student. I used to own a dark pink wallet with three pockets in it. The first 2 pockets I used to keep the money for whole month and there was a secret third pocket, which I used to keep the 10% of my pocket money. Whenever I get a little extra money from anywhere I always put 5% of that money in the third pocket too. The third pocket has been always for emergency cases I came across during the whole month and If there was no such case, then after every 3 months I take out all the money to buy something I wanted

2) Divide your paycheck into Sections


If you want to save money first thing you should do is know your goals. The purpose of saving is to execute your goals. I prefer setting short term goals for myself because you won't be exhausted in the end and you will see result before you even think about being exhausted. The quantity of your paycheck doesn't matter because getting something is better than getting nothing.
Let me show you the glimpses of how you should divide your paycheck into sections. I prefer and recommend you to divide your paycheck into 3 sections because this works for everyone.

First Section: 
For Family 
Family is an important part of our life. We should always think about when it comes to money. From every pay give 5% of your paycheck to your mother. Another 5% is for your father. It doesn't matter If they are working and they already have money more than you have but this is the matter of hearts and trust me this will bring you close to them. Getting money every month from you will assure them that you are moving forward in your life and it is worth it. 10% for your siblings

Second Section:
For your goal 
I prefer short term goals. This section is about saving money for something expensive you want to buy or somewhere you want to go. I prefer short term goals based on three months. There was a time when I wanted to go on a trip to Swat and I needed around 100$ for that trip, but I already had money saved for my shoes that was so expensive so I used that money to go on a trip I really wanted.

Third Section:
For the rest of your month 
60% of your paycheck for your daily needs and personal shopping. You can always divide your paycheck into more sections. It's all about the game of priorities.

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