Love Poem- Healing Scribles

by - August 29, 2019

A love poem that will remind you of several moment of sunrise you witnessed with someone. It might break your heat in pieces but poems are always meant to have this quality in them. I consider this poem as a love poem and a sunrise poem because it holds the quality of both. This poem is another addition to the collection of Healing Scribles love poems.

love poem

Love Poem

Sunrises were never my favorite until 
The sunrise you made sure I witness from your eyes
When the sky turned into different colors 
"It stole my heart" you told me as I was away
Now the sun is here every morning 
and we are at earth moon distance
I wonder if you still see the sunrise 
And think about me ❤

@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi

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