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by - August 22, 2019

How to Motivate Yourself- If you just had a bad day or you just came back from work and now you are wondering where the hell is your life going? which dropped your motivation level to zero. The post How to motivate Yourself is about 4 steps through which you can get back your motivationWell, escape from the reality is not a solution and the motivation to face the reality is all you need to motivate yourself. Let's face it together.

How to Motivate Yourself | Motivation

How to Motivate Yourself | Motivation

1) Know your Motive

Remember these words "Whenever you are exhausted or tired and the whole world around you stopped moving which makes you want to give up in that moment. In that moment I need you to reconsider either your motive match the path you are going on?"
Before you start anything either it's a degree or your job. You should know what you want to pursue in your life. How you picture yourself in your imagination? That is something you want to become. That is your motive.

2) Ask yourself why you need to do this?

My bachelor degree was a challenge for me as I was dealing with so much at the time of my university life. I always wanted to become a Software Engineer but I was an average unconsistent student with a social life of multiple circles. As a result everyone distrusted me with my career choice. I switched two universities, left my close friends as their career choice was different and I started something that only I believed in. The only thing I knew was that I really wanted to become a Software Engineer without any probation on my degree.
In my first semester I got 2.5GPA/4.00GPA and I have eyes on me to get good grades as everyone distrusted me with my career choice. I start getting unwanted suggestions of switching my degree as I already switched my university. I had no idea about how I will do this? I just knew one thing that I wanted to do this and I can. It was so hard for me at that time to manage my degree and my personal life as everything I used to do wasn't around me. 2.5 was the minimum GPA I got in my degree and 3.8 was the highest. It was never about grades it was always about one thing that I wanted to prove and I DID.
Knowing you motives aren't enough. It requires consistency and for that consistency you need to remind yourself on the hard times that why you need to do this?

3) Will you get what you wanted in the end?

Whatever you decide to do either it's about your personal life or a career goal. Always think about the consequences of your desicion, you are going to get in the end.
After all these struggles, compromises and sleepless nights, Is it helping you to move forward in life? If it's leading you toward your goals then it's worth it.

4) Get it done

There is no motivation that will work on you if you don't know your motive.
Your motive is your motivation

If you know your motives then who cares what life throw at you. You should move through all these miserable days and get everything you wanted. You own your life. Take your time Breathe, Rest, Try over and over again, but don't dare to give up until your last breath.

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