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by - August 30, 2019

How to love yourself | Self Love | 5 Tips- have you ever doubted your self worth or the concept of self love? We have been told million of times that we should love ourselves, but nobody took the time to teach us the process of Self Loving. If you are still wondering about how to love yourself? Then it’s time to read these 5 tips about self love that will make you understand things which will bring back your confidence.

How to love yourself?

How to love yourself | Self Love | 5 Tips

Growing up involves thousand moments of self doubts, criticism and unwanted suggestions but instead of actually taking some time and dealing with it, we choose to hide our real personality which results in low self esteem.

There are few thing that we need to understand before we or any other person question our flaws. There are so many things in our mind that lead us towards self destruction. Questions that remain unanswered, thoughts which we never shared and unwanted opinions that we receive about ourselves are the things which makes us wonder everyday.

Do you remember the last time when you wished for, the looks someone else have? The figure, the hair kind, the dimple, the mole, perfect height or anything you can think of. These wishes are the reason we aren’t able to make peace with ourselves. Before you wish to be someone else one more time. I need you to read this:

1) Understand, why all the humans aren’t same

There are billions of people in this world with millions of different personality traits and looks. This is the only thing that keeps the life interesting and intact. This is something that I learned when I was 19 years old I had a huge circle of friends from different age groups. Before that I used to think about what if everyone gets fair amount of beauty, then none of us  will go through any problems. 

One day we all were sitting in a group and someone dropped a breaking news that our senior is going for a skin whiting injection which was a brand new treatment. Everyone started a discussion about what they like in looks. I still remember the day we were twenty two people in a hallway and every answer we got was different from other answers. From all the twenty two people there was guy who stated “Do you recognize the plain chocolate brown color? Not with patches PLAIN CHOCALATE BROWN COLOR like dark chocolate ” those were his exacts words which reached me like a brick. Conversation leads towards personality traits and habits they can or cannot stand. I can easily say that was the most favorite conversation of my life. That day I realized the beauty and importance of difference. Difference is the only thing which is keeping this world intact, without it this world means nothing. 

Imagine this world with people having similar looks and similar personality like robots. Imagine others with the same qualities that you have, I mean you will be replaced in seconds without any hesitation. Do you understand how pointless it will become?

There are people who loves the kind of people you don’t even like, but guess what they are crazy about it and they would do anything to be with that kind of person.

#8 Rule of Happiness Fall in love with your own flaws. They aren't here to make you feel less. They are here to make you different, so you won't fall in the category of "SAME"@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi

2) Know how to respect yourself 

 Respect yourself the way you want others to respect your mother, the one person who means everything to you.

Would you be fine if someone hurts your mother?
Would you give them another chance?
Would you hear somebody say bad things about your mother?
Would you be fine if someone ignore her a long time, then pretend like they didn’t?

Do you know why you won’t be fine because you love her. When a person loves you they would never let you down at any cost. Disrespecting and loving someone are two parallel lines which cannot intersect each other. Keep this line in your head for the rest of your life.

3) Don’t bitch about yourself in front of others

Pointing out your flaws in front of others aren’t going to make them disappear. It will only give them a chance to add few more things. Always be careful about who you should share your problems with.

When they say "be kind to others" I want you to make a list of people you are supposed to be kind with and write your name on the top of the list.
@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi 

4) Remember, there is always a room for self improvement 

 Change is the part of life. It can be good or bad, but the good thing about change is that you hold the power to change it too. Always focus on how to improve yourself day by day because guess what? Even in a post apocalypse you are the only person who is going to be with you for sure.

You start making yourself better and better and you will see people from all over the sides will start coming you because positivity is not just a feeling it's a vibe which spreads like a scent.
Try that
@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi 

5) In order to get accepted heartily accept yourself first.

If you don’t like yourself and expect that a person will come in your life to make to feel certain way, then let me tell you that is the lame expectation ever. When you aren’t accepting yourself even when you are with yourself from the day one how could you expect from anyone to come along and change everything? If you don’t find yourself fun how could you expect someone else to be with you forever?

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  1. These posts are wonderful. I have actually followed some advices on your previous posts and I must say they kinda made a difference.