3 Best Love Poems- Healing Scribles

by - August 15, 2019

3 Best Love Poems- If you are looking for the love poems which you can send to your loved ones. Love poems with few words with the deep meaning in it that touches the heart of its reader. These are the 3 best love poems by Healing Scribles.

3 Best love Poems

3 Best Love Poems


a wooden cabin in the snow

You are far from the city
Closer to the nature
In a woody cabin
Where the snow is outside
In a small space, on a cold bed
With a warm blanket
You got the peace of mind
You are HOME this time
@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi 


a woman between mountains

My heart belongs to the unknown
like you never turned around to look me for the last time
and I kept my eyes on you for a long time
you made me go on and on
As I go on 
My heart belongs to the unknown
@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi


a wooden cabin between mountains

Like the peace within mountains
Like the cold wind beneath trees in a hot sunny day
You calm my oceans
You bring peace to you
Darling! you are home to me.....
@healingscribles | Farah Zainab Naqvi

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